Ed’s Best of 2011 List
1.  Low Roar, “Low Roar” - Brooding. Haunting. Thom Yorke. Many words have been used to describe Ryan Karazija’s new album. Here’s my take: The slow sadness of Ryan Adam’s Heartbreaker, the paranoia of Thom Yorke, and the human-ness of John Lennon.
2.  Tumbleweed Wanderers, “Tumbleweed Wanderers” - Strong songwriting, perfect three part harmony, and tight musical interplay make this band one to watch.
3.  Coast Jumper, “Grand Opening” - This album reminds me of a mix of “The Bends” and “Pet Sounds”. And I don’t only say this because of their great cover of “Don’t Talk”.
4.  Forrest Day, “Forrest Day” - They remind be of Sublime. Not in sound, but in attitude. The lyrics are personal, and the music is catchy. A nice hodge podge of musical styles, all mixed together to make something unique.
5.  Rin Tin Tiger, “Rin Tin Tiger” - RTT are more than just great, funny guys. They play some of the catchiest folk music around, and the lyrics are very clever and funny.
6.  The Trims, “We Cried For Fun” - Post Punk has found a strong voice in The Trims. Their songs seem to be melancholy, but not in a slit-your-throat depressive way. This San Jose band has found their sound starting with this release.
7.  Brooke D., “The Little Green Monster EP” - One of the Bay Area’s best voices has put together some of the best, unique releases this year. The looping style of this record is infectious, and beautiful.
8.  The Common Men, “Let It Burn” - Lead singer Kevin gets crap from some people for his singing. I don’t care what people say. It fits the effects heavy music that pounds out of the speakers. Listen especially close to the lyrics, some of the best around.
9.  Melted Horses, “Live Burnin’” - Long live the ’70s! If you are of the older generation, you remember the epic live albums of the 70s, complete with solos and straight out rocking. We are lucky to have the Melted Horses, and may they always be around to carry on the tradition.
10. Emily’s Army, “Don’t Be a Dick!” - This group is in an odd position. They have an extreme inside advantages for obvious reasons, but they also are in a position to catch a lot of crap for that very same reason. Putting all that aside, their first record is youthful, fun and inspired. And recorded in just a few days.
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